December 21, 2011, Pupukea, Hawaii—Surf Products International, LLC, of Laguna Beach, California, is proud to announce the release of its new product, SurfAir360 surf straps.

SurfAir360 surf straps are the first surfboard foot-strap system to effectively enable paddle-in surfers to perform snowboard-type aerials and maneuvers on ocean waves.  The straps collapse under the surfer’s body while s/he is paddling, and pop up with the surfer on take-off.  Once in to the straps, the surfer can still move his/her feet around on the board deck, transferring  weight and center-of-gravity, allowing tricks such as full back-flips and twists to be performed on the wave.

SurfAir360 surf straps were invented by Bill Foster, of Laguna Beach, California, and are Patent Pending both in the United States and Internationally.  The SurfAir360 trademark is held by Surf Products International, LLC.

SurfAir360 surf straps are available for $49.95 USD, at  We can also be visited on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  “We’re taking surfing to new heights – It’s time to let go.